Friday, May 21, 2004

"I Just Got Back to Blogging and Boy is My Asshole Tired"
You just don't get many good post titles anymore. That's just one of the sexcapade posts from The Washingtonienne, the hot blogging Capital Hill (former) Staff Assistant who has been turning tricks on the side with presidential appointees. Unfortunately, her recent new blogs have segued into the land of the ridiculous and all-out whorish.

Her original blog got removed from Blogster when it hit too close to home, but you can read it here. This stuff was a lot more genuine-sounding than the new stuff above, her observations jaded and funny and somehow just a little sweet. To save some time, here's her summation of acronyms:
    FD=The intern in my office whom I want to fuck.
    X=Married man who pays me for sex. Chief of Staff at one of the gov agencies, appointed by Bush.
    T=Lost my virginity to him and fell in love. Dude who has been driving me crazy since 1999. Lives in Springfield, IL. Flies halfway across the country to fuck me, then I don't hear from him for weeks.
    HK=Dude from the Senate office I interned in Jan. thru Feb. Hired me as an intern. Broke up my relationship w/ QV (see below).
    QV=Serious, long-term boyfriend whom I lived with since 2001. Disastrous break up in March, but still seeing each other.
    P=AKA "Threesome Dude." Somebody I would rather forget about.
    YZ=My new office bf with whom I am embroiled in an office sex scandal. The current favorite.
    K=A sugar daddy who wants nothing but anal. Keep trying to end it with him, but the money is too good.

    Shit. I'm fucking six guys. Ewww.
But still my favorite quote has to be:
    A man who tries to fuck you in the ass when you are sober does not love you.
That's entertainment. At least for me today. I don't want to work today and that's that.

UPDATE: The Washingtoniette revealed.